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3 Ways to Connect with “Silent Travelers”

“These new travelers don’t need tons of handholding, they shun human interaction, and know their way around everywhere they go.”
The elusive “silent traveler” skips traditional guest touch points in favor of digital options. Travel information star, Skift, first coined the term earlier this year when they predicted that in 2014 we […]

Great Wi-Fi Expectations: Can You Support Paperless Meetings?

“Any meeting, regardless of size, must have the bandwidth to go paperless.”
It’s not just about being green, it’s about saving green. Hotels Magazine’s article, B.Y.O.B. (Bring your own bandwidth), cites a conversation with a conference and event management professional whose company recently decided to go completely digital. After they uncovered […]

Our 2013 Prediction Cliff’s Notes

Remember those Cliff’s Notes that saved you more than once in school? Well, in the last few blog posts, we discussed the industry predictions for the New Year. Here are the highlights to help you catch up:

All guests are using technology. There no longer exists a distinction between “guests” and […]

Top Hotel Execs on 2013’s Biggest Challenges

HotelNewsNow asked several big brand executives about their expectations for the year ahead. Several key hospitality challenges are discussed, many of which focus on technology in one way or another. A common theme among the opportunities discussed by the execs is using technology to reinvent guest engagement. Here are a […]

Resolve to Put Security First in 2013

The increasing adoption rate of technology has made security a hot topic in hospitality news, and for good reason. Managing numerous sensitive touch points can be overwhelming. Two of the most common points for security concerns are:

Public-use computers

Deploying the right software on your guest computers will significantly decrease security risks.  […]