Deliver Homelike Wi-Fi to Your Guests

With guest connectivity demands at an all-time high, delivering the Wi-Fi they crave is a challenge to say the least. Wi-Fi is deeply tied to guest loyalty. In fact, Wi-Fi remains the #1 desired amenity (via Yet, hotel brands still continue to struggle with how to deliver a consistent, high-performance experience when each of their properties has its own network hardware, software and service provider.

The core of the ElevenOS central guest Wi-Fi platform enables brands to manage guest authentication and network performance from a simple web interface to deliver great guest Wi-Fi, always and everywhere. 

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Central Authentication

The ElevenOS platform enables hotel brands to identify guests at the point of authentication to the network and keeps them seamlessly connected 24/7. Authentication types include Passpoint, radius, property management system integration, and social authentication.

Custom Captive Portal

Elegantly designed and intuitive templates make it easy to set-up captive portal pages. Non-technical property staff can easily manage the portal to promote onsite amenities, feature local area information, or add hotel-specific announcements.

Advanced Network Management

Optimize your guest Wi-Fi experience with high-performance Wi-Fi throughout your entire property. Centrally manage bandwidth settings, guest and staff devices, tiered service plans, and more from a single user interface–at the property or brand level.

Tiered Bandwidth

Add value to the guest experience with the ability to offer tiered Internet services so they can choose the plan that best suits their needs. Create Internet service plans based on speed, number of devices, and other factors with custom pricing by hotel or brand.

PMS & Billing Integration

ElevenOS is integrated with over 100 credit card payment gateways and can be set-up with separate merchant accounts for each property. Plus, ElevenOS can integrate with property management software for billing guests directly to their room.

Wi-Fi Analytics

Centrally manage and monitor the connected guest experience across multiple properties within a brand or portfolio with usage and revenue tracking, bandwidth allocation reports, and more.

Start delivering better Wi-Fi today.