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Increase Property Value and Resident Satisfaction with ElevenOS

The way people connect is changing. Not only is Wi-Fi an expected amenity in all types of multi-dwelling units from apartments to senior living to campuses, it has also become the conduit in which you can engage with your residents and ensure their satisfaction.

The ElevenOS connected resident platform makes enterprise-grade Wi-Fi management easy. From secure billing and authentication to customizable captive portals, non-technical property staff can manage the resident Wi-Fi in just a few clicks.  The ElevenOS solution for MDU makes resident Internet simpler, smarter, and more secure.

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Secure Authentication

The ElevenOS platform enables MDUs to identify residents at the point of authentication to the network and keeps them seamlessly connected 24/7. Authentication types include radius, property management system integration, and social authentication.

Custom Captive Portal

Elegantly designed and intuitive templates make it easy to set-up portal pages with designated areas that can be updated by property personnel to make announcements or otherwise connect with residents.

Dynamic Wi-Fi Management

Optimize your resident Wi-Fi experience with high-performance Wi-Fi throughout your entire property. Manage resident Wi-Fi access, perform basic troubleshooting, and even configure limited access for temporary guests and visitors.

Resident Engagement Tools

Enable properties to better engage with residents by sending marketing and promotional messages. Improve communication with two-way messaging between property and residents.

Private Resident Networks

Provide residents with their own Wi-Fi network to access all of their devices while being assured no one else can. Residents can securely connect their laptops, smartphones, and media streaming devices through a dynamic VLAN.

Resident Wi-Fi Dashboard

Properties can increase resident satisfaction with a web-based dashboard that enables residents to login and manage devices on their personal networks.

Tiered Bandwidth

Add value to the resident experience with the ability to offer tiered Internet services so residents can choose the plan that best suits their needs. Create service plans based on speed, number of devices, and other factors.

Integrated Billing

ElevenOS is integrated with over 100 credit card payment gateways and can be set-up with separate merchant accounts for each property. Plus, ElevenOS can integrate with property management software for billing residents.

Sophisticated Integrations

Through integrations with leading enterprise network hardware from Cisco, Meraki, Ruckus, HP, and more, the ElevenOS platform works with the infrastructure you have to deliver high-capacity resident Internet. Check out our integrations page.

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