Today’s guests expect always and everywhere connectivity; a seamless connection to high performance Wi-Fi that’s consistent across all devices, properties and interactions. The ElevenOS Connected Guest Platform provides flexible central authentication options to better understand and engage your most loyal guests with great guest Internet experiences. It’s Wi-Fi you and your guests will love.



Simple & Secure Central Authentication

Connect guests across devices or locations using name + room number, conference or group codes, and social logins like Facebook and LinkedIn. Setup tiered Internet plans with speed and device options. Connect directly to over 100 international payment gateways for billing.


Reliability for Front & Back of House Operations

With ElevenOS 802.1x  authentication, you can count on secure, reliable Wi-Fi to ensure that back of house systems, like kitchen management, housekeeping, and procurement run smoothly and without interruption.


Seamless, Automatic Connection via Passpoint

Delight your guests and increase brand loyalty by offering once-in-a-lifetime authentication, from lobby to VIP suite, from San Francisco to Singapore. This is the future of guest Wi-Fi. Learn more about what Passpoint is on the 11Blog.



Smart Network Management & Bandwidth Optimization

Easily setup tiered Internet service plans and create limits on concurrent devices and bandwidth for uploads and downloads to ensure sufficient Wi-Fi performance across all areas of the hotel, including guest rooms, public spaces and conference areas. Save time by optimizing performance across multiple locations and providers from one cloud-based dashboard.


360° Analytics & Real-Time Reporting

Stay on the pulse of Wi-Fi performance across devices, users, areas of the hotel and properties across your brand. Understand who is using the network with integrated data from ElevenOS and other guest systems. Customizable dashboards help you stay on top of the metrics that matter to you.


Secure, Personal Networks for Content Sharing

Turn your hotel into your living room with seamless connection across devices to  share movies, photos and videos. Share files or collaborate with coworkers via videoconference in a secure, defined area.



Responsive, International Captive Portals

Easy to use templates allow staff to create compelling, branded portals in local languages to engage guests. Promote onsite services, make announcements or advertise local services to create revenue opportunities for your hotel.


Free or Enhanced Wi-Fi for Loyalty Members

Reward your most loyal guests with free or high level Wi-Fi service for loyalty members. Create special Wi-Fi programs for conference groups, VIPs or specific areas on property to better serve their unique needs.


Personalized Messaging to Bring Guests Back

Combine Wi-Fi analytics with rich guest information from property management systems (PMS), loyalty and customer databases and social networks to better understand your guests and create personalized guest experiences.

Works with Your Existing Infrastructure

As the hospitality leader for over 15 years, Eleven has created pre-built integrations with major network hardware and guest information systems. It works with what you have – no need to rip out existing hardware or add redundant systems. What could be easier?

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